C3 Kids

C3 Kids

C3 Kids is our ministry for children Nursery to 5th Grade. We have C3 Kids Worship during both Sunday Services at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. C3 kids meet in Fellowship Hall. Sunday school classes meet at 9:30 AM.

Here at Christway, we use the Orange curriculum. We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. This is how Orange gets its name. The church is light and is represented in the color yellow. The home is the heart and is represented in red. When yellow merges with red you get orange.

This Month's Theme

November Nursery-PreK Theme

November Elementary Theme

What's Happening

C3 Kids are invited to a special birthday party for Jesus on Wednesday, December 8 at 6:30 PM. The kids will eat birthday cake, make ornaments and have a fun time as we close out our last normal Wednesday of 2021.

What is SuperStart? A CIY Preteen Conference
Who is SuperStart for? 4th & 5th Grade Students
When is SuperStart? Friday, January 21 & Saturday, January 22
Where is SuperStart? Athens, GA
Leaving Christway Friday afternoon at 2:00 PM
Returning to Christway Saturday around 5:30 PM

Early Bird Cost $70 (deadline is 12/1/2021)
Regular Cost $85 (deadline is 12/31/2021)
Late Cost $100 (deadline is 1/19/2021)

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