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PAL (Parent of Addicted Loved ones) provides hope, through education and support, to parents of addicted loved ones.PAL is a support group of parents helping parents who have an addicted son or daughter.

Parents of Addicted Loved-ones is a support group of parents helping parents. We meet every week to offer education and support, at no charge, for parents who are trying to save a son or daughter from addiction.

PAL can also help spouses who feel they have to parent their addicted partner, who is acting like a child.

PAL is especially helpful for parents and spouses, however all other sober family members and friends are welcome at our meetings.By attending our meetings, you will learn proven ways to help your loved one recover from addiction. You will also have an opportunity to give support to, and receive support from, others facing your same challenges.

Reboot Combat Recovery

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War wounds the soul, but through REBOOT, combat veterans and their families are experiencing breakthrough in their war against post-traumatic stress.

Founded in 2011 by Occupational Therapist, Dr. Jenny Owens, REBOOT began serving military families at Fort Campbell, KY. Built on the belief that the spirit of a person is worth fighting for, the success rates of our 12-week Combat Trauma Healing Course quickly began to spread within the military community.

With recovery groups now meeting in several locations nationwide, REBOOT is changing the way trauma is treated in our military communities. Our approach offers a much needed alternative to traditional mental health treatment options. Armed with data to prove our effectiveness, we are well on our way to reshaping the traditional care model to include not just the mind and body, but the soul as well.
How do you deal when times are really tough?
Where do you find the strength to keep on going?
When push comes to shove, you may acknowledge a higher power in your life.
Maybe, looking back, there were just too many close calls over there for you not to believe. But what does it mean to believe? How does it change your day-to-day? How does it help you to stop yelling at your kids, fall back in love with your spouse, or sleep through the night without waking up in cold sweats?The bottom line is- you were wounded over there. In more ways than one. Maybe you’re addressing the physical wounds. But what about the spiritual wounds? What have you done to heal your heart? REBOOT Recovery is here to help you do just that. We don’t claim to have all the answers. We don’t pretend to have it all together. And we don’t expect you to either. We simply want to bring you and your family together with others who are in the same place. We want to give you a chance to ask questions and to find truthful, hopeful answers.

REBOOT is unlike anything else you’ve tried before. We believe that healing from combat trauma requires treating not just the mind and body but also the soul – and we are a community of people committed to helping each other heal from the spiritual wounds of war. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers, but instead you will find solutions that last.

At REBOOT locations across the country, military families are healing, divorce rates are dropping, medication abuse is decreasing and suicide numbers are being reduced.

For more information on REBOOT or a class near you go to their website


First Responders


Through FIRST Responders, first responders and their families are finding renewed purpose and revived optimism.
Our faith-based stress and trauma healing journey is designed to address the spiritual and moral toll that critical incidents take on those within the law enforcement, firefighter and EMS communities. Together, we can see families heal, divorce rates drop, substance abuse decrease and suicide numbers reduced.


First to respond, last to seek help?

Why is it that the first to respond to a crisis are often the last to seek help for their own struggles? We get it. The constant stress. The administrative hassles. Balancing home life with a swing schedule. The anger that sits just at the top of your throat. The numbness and depression that has sunk in now – where life used to be fun, now it just seems like just one long shift. Maybe you would speak up and say something if you didn’t think it would hurt your career. Maybe you’re fed up, frustrated, and discouraged, feeling hopeless and helpless. And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “I can’t take it anymore.”


But what if you’ve only been treating part of the problem?

In just a few weeks, life can be better.


Firstline is different. Our courses are led by people who have been there, lived through it, learned from it, and want to help lead others out of it. We are a community of people committed to helping each other heal from the spiritual and emotional impact of daily stress and trauma. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers but rather solutions that last. Families just like yours are experiencing healing at this very moment. Your healing can start today.


For more information on First Responders or a class near you go to their website First Responders